hand painted wall art

We often receive enquiries as to whether our wall art, i.e. hand paintings, is really hand-painted "all the way" from start to finish, or whether we only apply transparent structure paste on an art print.

All of our wall art is of course hand painted only.
We do not sell additionally treated art prints.
Every piece of wall art in our shop is hand painted by the artist from start to finish.

All frames are built in our workshop as well and we utilize only professional artist's canvas. Every piece of wall art is manufactured by hand in varying production steps. We use a variety of primers, varnishes and high-quality acrylic paints.

The impressive colour intensity and structure of our wall art is only possible due to the many different layers of paint.

This is one of the reasons why a hand painted piece of wall art comes accros as so real, and why its appearance differs so much from an art print.

hand painted wall art